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Spring Training is just around the base

It is just a week away from when pitchers and catchers report, and a little less than 2 weeks away from full team workout for spring training. Can you feel it? The feeling in your gut. That ‘this is the year’ feeling! The year you team pushes itself into the playoffs and makes a run for the World championship! Are you ready? Because we are about to be in the thick of the beginning to a GREAT baseball season for all clubs…except the Houston Astros… Let’s face it, they are on a declined rebuilding mode right now. And they better rebuild quick because they will be switching league and competing in the American League West. With tough teams like the defending League Champions, the Rangers, and what about the biggest spend team this off season, the Angels. But enough of the Astros. We will get to them shortly enough.

But first!

Let me tell you about the 30 days of March! (Although there are really 31 days in the Spring Training month.)I will be reviewing a team every day in the month of March. We’ll talk last season (as painful as that is for some teams…White Sox, Red Sox, Indians, well any AL Central team really), the moves that your team has made to better themselves, and how I believe they will fare in the 2012 season. And on March 31st, you will get my predictions for this year playoffs, and the World Series winner! (Non-bias, of course.)Be looking out for you team!

Thank you all,


Here is the schedule:

Arizona D-Backs March 1 Playoff Predictions and WS Winner March 31
Atlanta Braves March 2
Baltimore Orioles March 3
Boston Red Sox March 4
Chicago Cubs March 5
Chicago White Sox March 6
Cincinnati Reds March 7
Cleveland Indians March 8
Colorado Rockies March 9
Detroit Tigers March 10
Houston Astros March 11
Kansas City Royals March 12
Los Angeles Angels March 13
Los Angeles Dodgers March 14
Miami Marlins March 15
Milwaukee Brewers March 16
Minnesota Twins March 17
New York Mets March 18
New York Yankees March 19
Oakland Athletics March 20
Philadelphia Phillies March 21
Pittsburgh Pirates March 22
St. Louis Cardinals March 23
San Diego Padres March 24
San Francisco Giants March 25
Seattle Mariners March 26
Tampa Bay Rays March 27
Texas Rangers March 28
Toronto Blue Jays March 29
Washington Nationals March 30

Recap: The Puppy Bowl

With yesterday as one of the biggest Sunday of the year, let’s take a look back at the highlights of the second most watched show on Super Bowl Sunday: The Puppy Bowl!

Puppy Bowl VIII, that’s 8 for those of you who were bad with Roman numerals.

The starting line-up was no surprise. Fumble, a 9 week rookie, got the start due to Rob Greyhoundski (high paw sprain) being injured. Fumble was highly regarded as the most underrated draft pick coming out of last years draft. Though his season stats did not show it (9 TDs, 53 FBs, 231 feet), Fumble was the only of 3 rookies to start all 10 regular season games. The 13 week All-Pro Rookie, Marbles also got the call to start on Sunday. Marbles had a spectacular season, leading all rookies with 17 TDs, just 7 shy of the rookie record. We learned for the Pup Profile that Marbles plays the ukulele.

The Bowl started out with long-time rivals through college, Oscar and Fumble, getting into a “frenetic fight-o free-for-all.” It also got Fumble a 10 yard penalty for an illegal tackle.You could clearly see we were for a long game of penalties.

That tussle would not stop Fumble. He would  recover quickly by knocking the ball loose from the Tattoo’s patented ‘Needle Bite’. Fumble would then pick up the loose toy and slip by the unsuspecting defenders and score his second touchdown of the game. Fumble would continue to score one more touchdown in the half.

I’m not going to begin to describe the horrid nightmare that was the halftime show. Instead, I’ll let you watch it for yourselves.

In the second half we got to see two excellent plays:

Aberdeen’s amazing run, which capped a 15 foot scored by the Aussie.

Augusta and Spike’s double touchdown. The first time in the modern era of Puppy Bowl that a double touchdown has occurred.

The candidates for the Bissell Most Valuable Pup Award:

  1. Sweetie Pie – She broke into the end-zone in the middle of the second quarter. She also had the best touchdown celebration.
  2. Anthony – He scored a crucial touchdown in the 4th quarter, all while pushing through the goal line defense and humping Brandie.
  3. Aberdeen – The Aussie put the toy in the end-zone four times! Proving that, with his rugby skills, he could play ball with the rest of them.
  4. Fumble – The rookie was both a offensive and defensive specialist in last night bowl. He had three TDs and 5 forced fumbles.

Ultimately, Fumble would take the Pig Ear Trophy home with him.

The Did-Not Play List: Eli Manningchester (broken dog collar), Tom Briardy (broken nail), Vince Wilyorkie (ate cat food), Rob Greyhoundski (high paw sprain), Brandon Jackrussell (hamstring), Jason Pierre-Poodle (neutered)

Aberdeen’s Spectacular Run

Historic Double Touchdown


Here my mind will speak. Where as in other places, my mind shouts in short fits.

I am hoping to just have one person read this.

If the happens, my goal is complete.

Until I come up with a crazy goal of, oh..I don’t know, TWO whole people reading this.

This is all in good fun. So if I offend anyone, I find that hard to believe, during this process, forgive me.

Looking forward to this!

Thank you!